Bone Marrow Evaluation

Bone Marrow is situated at the base of large bones in the body and act as a source of production of blood cells in our blood circulation. Bone Marrow Evaluation is a specialized procedure to be undertaken by qualified doctors trained to perform and it involves the pathological analysis of aspirate of bone marrow obtained. It is used in the diagnosis of various haematological and non-haematological conditions which includes Acute and Chronic Leukemia, Multiple Myleloma, Lymphoma and other related conditions. Such an evaluation is important for right diagnosis of the disease before right treatment can be offered to the patient.


Our specialized consultants having attained distinguished qualification and with special interest in haemato-oncology efficiently perform this procedure at Rakesh Cancer Care and diagnose such conditions in our state of the art inhouse pathology lab before treating patients. 

Committment to provide Excellent Oncology & Hematology healthcare services.

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