Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling has gained an immense importance in overall management of cancer patients and its implications on personalizing treatment for patients. At Rakesh Cancer Care, we have dedicated and highly qualified genetic counsellors who seek family history from our patients during their sessions and make them understand importance of genetic testing.


There are genetic tests available these days which undertake evaluation of panel of specific genes to check abnormalities in them and suggest treatment / medicines which can specifically work on them and which of them will have no benefit at all.


Our genetic counsellors make patients aware of genetic mutations which can pass from one generation to another. They recommend relatives with high risk, the screening and diagnosis. Though risk of cancers running in families is very low, it cannot be ignored especially when we know that we can take prophylactic measures for relatives with high risk of familial cancers. Cancers of breast ovary, colon, uterus are common examples of familial cancers.

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